County Donegal Railway Bus

Returning historic Donegal Bus, just the ticket!

A 59 year-old bus is coming home to Donegal on Saturday 12 August to bring the days of the County Donegal Railways Road Passenger Services back to life. E152’s return to its old depot at Donegal Bus Garage, situated beside the award-winning Donegal Railway Museum, coincides with the launch of

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Swilly 70 Badge with Sir Anthony McFarland, Jul23

Lough Swilly  limited-edition 70th Anniversary Badge launched!

As many people across Donegal and further afield will know, this year is an important anniversary for the County, as it is 70 years since the main railway lines and stations across the Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway closed. The railway opened in 1853, closed in 1953, with the Swilly

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