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RTE1 Nationwide – Drumboe, The Homecoming!

      Drumboe's Homecoming
The big news is that finally the “Drumboe Homecoming Event” will be broadcast by RTE1 on Monday 17th April at 7pm to a national and international audience. RTE Nationwide, if you are not aware, is one of the national broadcasters’ flagship nightly programs; this will undoubtedly be our biggest television exposure in recent years.
An RTE film crew with mobile and drone cameras followed the transportation of the steam engine after being restored at Whitehead, on its journey across several Counties, including stops at Strabane, Biddy O’Barnes and Donegal Town Centre. This will be half of the program, with the other half focusing on a journey from Belfast to Derry by train, which again our museum has assisted with the making of. We have been told that even if you are not living in Ireland, North or South, the program can still be watched on RTE Player through their App. However, we will aim to have a link sent out shortly afterward of the recording.
Separately, we were also asked by TG4, Ireland’s national Irish language broadcaster, to assist with a program about the railway between Glenties and Fintown. This too will be broadcast in the next few weeks.