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Members help sustain this local organisation while enjoying many outstanding benefits throughout the year.

The CDRRL supporters aim for the preservation and presentation of the railway heritage, and eventually the re-installation of the railway: Our members are encouraged to contact us on visits, via the telephone, fax, e-mail or web site, which keeps them informed of progress. Members also receive a complimentary magazine and newsletters to update them of progress in Donegal. If we are to continue at the current pace of saving and restoring the County Donegal Railway as an attraction we do need more members, especially from County Donegal and the Border Counties, so please, if you can, give your support.

All members receive:

  • Free admission to the museum 2x per year
  • Members-only emails with advance notice of events, programs, and offers
  • Discounts in The Railway Shop
  • Eligibility to rent museum spaces for private events

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For individuals looking for a personal membership to get to know and support the Museum.

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Membership plan for business and large groups who are keen to help support these local treasures.

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Each membership also comes with either a digital or hard-copy of the "The Phoenix" magazine produced here at the Donegal Railway Heritage Centre.

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