Donegal Railway Heritage Centre's preserves a small part of Donegal history and a large part of railway history. Through donations we are able to employ local community members to run a small museum, restore key-artifacts, rolling stock and provide a unique visitor attraction on the Wild Atlantic Way. With your help, we hope to continue to introduce the wonders of the Donegal Railway to new generations for many years to come.

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Museum & Artefact Fund

To maintain the museum and artefacts we always look for support of our visitors.

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Restoration Projects - Bring Drumboe Home!

Drumboe was Donegal's most famous steam engine and having just passed the 60th year that Donegal Station and the Railway lines closed (1959), we want to leave a lasting legacy by restoring the engine and "bringing Drumboe home" to Donegal Town. Donegal Railway Heritage Centre is a registered charity. Our overall vision is to develop and promote a robust and dynamic railway heritage facility, which will be of interest across a wide section of society but particularly to the local community. We wish to keep the history and heritage of the County Donegal Railways alive through the running of the Museum and the economic restoration of rolling stock and traction. We aimed through donations and grant applications to raise much-needed funding to cover the cost of restoring this historic engine, transporting her back to Donegal Town, site preparation, building a canopy cover, mounting and lighting her. We aimed to raise in total just over €100,000, but thankfully after several donations including a single donation of €20,000, and a recent grant through LEADER from Donegal Local Development CLG, we are nearly there! Drumboe is now home, but as some cosrts increased because of Covid delays in starting the project and increases in costs from suppliers and contractors over the Covid lockdowns, we are still fundraising to plug the final shortfall to cover these costs. Any help towards this iconic project would be greatly appreciated! The engine needed major restoration and is now back at the Museum. There are no original Donegal steam engines left in the County, and this is even more tragic when you consider that County Donegal had the largest narrow-gauge network in the British Isles! Drumboe will become the centrepiece to our museum, and not only make it a more attractive draw for locals and visitors alike, thus making it more sustainable but it will have a positive impact on the local community and County, for the economic regeneration of the region, tourism, heritage and pride! Be part of Donegal's story, and help us complete this landmark project To make a Donation, click on the "DONATE NOW" button on this page or email us directly at . Thank you!

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Donate an Artefact

Have you something in your attic or sitting about that could be donated or loaned to Donegal Railway Heritage Museum so that more people can get the opportunity to see it and appreciate it?  As the main dedicated railway museum in the county, we are always looking for something new (or in this case old) to add to our unique collection. In the last few months, we have received a few different items including a station porter luggage trolly which originally was used at our station, original Donegal luggage labels, a railway lamp and a selection of original Donegal Railway Tickets. All loans and donations are greatly appreciated. If you have anything that might be of interest, please contact the museum at (074) 9722655 or email

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