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New Manager Appointment

Donna’s first day on the job!

We would like to welcome Donna Maskery to the Donegal Railway Heritage team as the new Museum Manager. This marks the start of a new chapter in Donegal Railway history. The vision for our organization has always been and remains to ultimately see the restoration of a section of track but we are also keen to develop our offering at the old station house museum into a truly unique local resource and tourist destination. Donna brings a keen business mind as well as a passion to make a significant contribution to the Donegal Railway Heritage Centre and the wider community.




Donna Maskery (nee Scott) says;

“It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to be involved in a project with so much local heritage. My Grandfather Tommy Scott, Copany like many other farmers from South Donegal used to sell his cattle at the Donegal town fair some of these would have been transported through the gap on the cattle wagons in the 1930’s and my father Jimmy Scott was involved in the railway restoration project about twenty years ago.

There are exciting opportunities today but to make these sorts of projects sustainable there is always the need to work closely with the local community, funders, members, supporters and friends and we will be putting concerted efforts into this now and in the future. There are many ideas under consideration at the moment and we look forward to developing the museum and involving you all as we journey on together. I would personally like to invite anyone who has an interest in this project to contact me to see how you might like to be involved now and in the future, perhaps you are retired and you have skills and knowledge you would like to impart, or can spare a few hours a week or month to volunteer and of course we are always looking for fundraising opportunities.”

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