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Donegal Town 550 Anniversary exhibition

We are delighted to announce the opening of a new exhibition titled the “550 Donegal Town Anniversary Exhibition” which is the Museum’s initial contribution to the Anniversary year and was the first official 550 event of the year in Donegal Town.
The town that the County takes its name from has a fantastic history to it, and is one that needs to be told, to locals and to visitors particularly in this 550th year.
We have created a mobile exhibition which has gathered the last 550 years history of the town, and using artefacts, display units, pop-ups and other tools, tell our story. We were also delighted to have received contributions for our displays from three landmark organisations in Donegal Town, Magee 1866, Hanna Hats, and Donegal Castle. This exhibition will run not only in the museum itself initially over the next two months until the end of July, but will be taken out and about to community groups, schools, retail outlet, etc., where we can directly inform and educate all, on the history of our historic town.
This project was kindly funded through the Donegal Culture & Creativity Project Awards Scheme. Anyone interested in hosting the exhibition during this anniversary year should contact the museum directly.
Donegal Town 550 Exhibition Donegal town



Coach 58

Coach 58 was one of the three most modern on the whole of the Irish narrow gauge lines and came to the County Donegal on the closure of the NCC lines near Larne in 1950. Though Coach 58 was built on an original chassis from 1879, it provided modern accommodation for Donegal excursions and later on as a railcar trailer (see picture below) until the railway closed. After a year or so in store, it was sold off, cut in half and became two-holiday chalets in different parts of County Donegal. Somewhat miraculously, we were able to locate the two halves and after 40 years apart they were brought back together here for restoration as extra and much-needed space for the museum.

Learn more about the ‘Miracle Coach’ during your next museum tour.

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