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The Rail Donegal DVD

Our own in-house DVD, using original cine footage from 1958 and 1960 of the CDR and its surroundings converted to DVD and upgraded in quality with carefully added detailed narration developed by ourselves at CDRRL. This footage had never previously been published. Running time 57 mins. Available only in DVD form.
Price € 5.00 | Qty

Irish Railways Box Set (9 volumes)

A fascinating coverage of Irish lines, nos 3 and 9 having the most on the CDR.
Price € 60.00 | Qty

Irish Railways Vol.1 Irish Railways Miscellany

GNR steam on the Derry Line, GNR at Dublin & Drogheda, Belfast Gt Victoria St, Fintona Tram, Sligo, Leitrim & Northern Counties Railway, CDR narrow gauge, steam scenes at Cork.
Price € 9.00 | Qty

Irish Railways Vol.2 The Swansong of Steam in Ulster

Covering the ex GNR (I) incl the Derry Road, and NCC lines.
Price € 9.00 | Qty

Irish Railways Vol.3 The Irish Narrow Gauge

The Swilly (incl Canon Doherty’s colour film), CDR (Ballyshannon, Killybegs, Donegal Town, Barnesmore Gap, Stranorlar, Strabane & Letterkenny), Cavan & Leitrim, Tralee & Dingle, & West Clare.
Price € 9.00 | Qty

Irish Railways Vol.4 Twilight of Steam in Ulster

The last workings frequently entrusted to steam, including the loose-coupled goods.
Price € 9.00 | Qty

Irish Railways Vol.5 Irish Railways in the 1940s and 50s

3 narrow gauge lines in Ulster, CDR, L&LSR and the Ballycastle line plus Cavan & Leitrim. Broad Gauge coverage includes Dundalk Works, Dublin to Cork, and the Valencia Branch.
Price € 9.00 | Qty

Irish Railways Vol.6 Peat (Turf) Railways in Ireland

The 1000+ miles of narrow-gauge lines of Ireland’s best-kept secret!
Price € 9.00 | Qty

Irish Railways Vol.7 Irish Railways in the 1960s

1960s scene on both CIE and UTA as steam changed to diesel.
Price € 9.00 | Qty

Irish Railways Vol.8 From Baltimore to Belfast.

Early 1950s film including steam on West Clare, and Tralee & Dingle cattle specials, plus Dublin to Cork main line.
Price € 9.00 | Qty

Irish Railways Vol.9 On Tracks Broad & Narrow

Films from 1952 and 1957 by Richard Kehm. Swilly, County Donegal and Cavan & Leitrim all appear. Broad gauge includes Sligo, Leitrim & Northern Counties, Fintona Tram, and Amiens St.
Price € 9.00 | Qty

Irish Railways Box set of 3 DVDs

Box set of DVDs of Irish railways
Price € 20.00 | Qty

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